Center for Great Apes

Description of Sanctuary

Year Founded


State, Country of Incorporation

   Florida, USA

Board of Directors – number


Advisory Board or Committees


Number of Staff


Current animal population

45  great apes  (30 chimpanzees,  15 orangutans)

Current acreage


Current housing for chimpanzees

35 chimpanzees & 18-20 orangutans

Description of current housing

  4 Heated & cooled nighthouse buildings with 18 individual rooms for orangutans

   7 heated & cooled nighthouse buildings with 30 individual rooms for chimpanzees

   16 outdoor domed woven wire enclosures  (three-story and four-story height)  (eight for orangutans and eight for chimpanzees)

   5 smaller enclosures (30x20’, 20x20’) for quarantine, clinic recovery, and special needs handicapped individuals

   Over one mile (5400-feet) elevated tunnel/chute system that runs   throughout the wooded habitat areas connecting all outdoor enclosures/habitats to each other, to all the night houses, and to the veterinary clinic

   support facilities – veterinary clinic, food prep & feed storage building, maintenance workshop, enrichment buildings, guest cabins and administration offices


Expansion possibility


Animal Welfare Assurance No.


USDA license number


Additional information

Primarily orangutans and chimpanzees retired from entertainment industry (circus, movies, advertising) or from private pet situations.   However, there are a few former research chimpanzees (and one former cognitive research orangutan).

501(c)3 nonprofit.   Charity Navigator – 4 star rating


P.O. Box, Wauchula
FL  33873

Phone: 863-767-8903   
Fax: 863-767-8904 (fax)
Patti Ragan, President & Founder

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