NAPSA responds to....

East Texas Zoo and Gator Park, who brought a diapered infant spider monkey out to public events in August 2017.

Jeremy Renner, who posed with a chimpanzee in August 2017.

Shannen Doherty, who posed with a marmoset in August 2017.

Stone Theatres, a movie theatre who permitted trained chimpanzees to be exhibited in July 2017.

Karim Benzema, a French soccer star who posed with a trained chimpanzee in June 2017.

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, on whose set a capuchin monkey was visibly ill during filming, in June 2017. 

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who posed with a trained capuchin monkey in June 2017.

SUNY Buffalo, whose anthropology department hosted an event featuring the inappropriate public handling of primates in May 2017.

The Record, a SUNY Buffalo student newspaper who reported favorably on the inappropriate handling of primates in May 2017.

The Brookhaven Fair, a Long Island event holding a monkey rodeo in May 2017.

The Harrisburg Senators, a Minor League Baseball team hosting monkey rodeos in May 2017.

The Erie SeaWolves, a Minor League Baseball team hosting monkey rodeos in May 2017.

The Wilmington Blue Rocks, a Minor League Baseball team hosting monkey rodeos in May 2017.

The Lancaster Barnstormers, an Atlantic League baseball team hosting a monkey rodeo in May 2017.

Zayn Malik, a singer who hosted a party and video shoot featuring a leashed squirrel monkey in April 2017.

French Montana, a rapper who posted a video with a trained infant chmpanzee in March 2017.

Nina Dobrev, an actress who posed with a pet monkey in January 2017.

Jaromir Jagr, who joked about buying pet monkeys for his hockey teammate in December 2016.

National Football League, whose NFL Films channel featured a special on cowboy monkey rodeos in December 2016.

Fox 4 Kansas City, who featured a news story glorifying the private ownership of gibbons in October 2016.

National Geographic, whose Instagram account posted a photo glorifying pet monkeys in October 2016.

Unilad, again, for continuing to promote the private ownership of primates, and this time we issued a press release with partner welfare organizations, in July 2016. 

Monkey rodeos, sideshow attractions involving capuchin monkeys forced to race on the back of dogs, in July 2016. 

Unilad, a website that regularly shares videos promoting pet primates, in June 2016.

Steve Aoki, Felix Jaehn and Adam Lambert, musicians who released a music video featuring a permforming chimpanzee, in May 2016. 

Harrisburg Senators, who have planned a monkey rodeo in upcoming games, in April 2016.

Lancaster Barnstormers, who have planned a monkey rodeo in an upcoming game, in April 2016.

Bernie & Phyl's Furniture, who aired commercials featuring footage of performing baboons in April 2016.

Rick Springfield, whose album cover featured a trained chimpanzee posing in human clothes in March 2016.

Bay City, Michigan officials, to applaud their decision to prohibit a resident from owning a pet spider monkey.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, who broadcast video footage of a performing babboon in February 2016.

Justin Bieber, who expressed a desire to own a second pet monkey in February 2016.

GEICO, who used a performing chimpanzee in its commercial, "Tarzan Fights Over Directions: It's What You Do," in February 2016.

Ellen Degeneres, who promoted the keeping of primates as pets in February 2016.

PepsiCo, whose China Beverages division produced a commercial called "The Monkey King Family", which featured a performing macaque in January 2016. 

UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who announced that he is seriously considering getting a pet chimpanzee in December 2015. 

Suburban Auto Group (Suburban Ford and Suburban Chevrolet), who use chimpanzee actors in their "Trunk Monkey" ad campaign. 

The Cincinnati Bengals, who featured The Banana Derby in a halftime show in November 2015.

The Alachua County Fair, again, due to news of its inclusion of The Banana Derby, a capuchin rodeo event in October 2015.

Dez Bryant, an athlete who purchased an infant pet monkey in October 2015.

Peugeot, and its advertising agency, for using a capuchin in a commercial in October 2015. 

The Alachua County Fair, requesting cancellation of "The Amazing Rainforest Experience," an act featuring performing capuchins in October 2015.

Shannon Elizabeth, an actress who is normally active in animal welfare and conservation, but who filmed a movie with a capuchin in summer 2015.

The Nonhuman Rights Project's habeas corpus case on behalf of Hercules and Leo (research chimpanzees at Stony Brook University) in July 2015 

The Lake County Fair, the Delta Fair & Music Festival, and the Georgia State Fair, requesting cancellation of a controversial monkey rodeo event in July 2015. 

The Sun newspaper, and producers and an advertising agency, for using two macaques in their advertisement "Monkeys Bring the Fun" in May 2015.

Google / Android, for using an orangutan in their "Furever Friends" commercial in spring 2015.

Target, and the advertising agency Chandelier Creative, for using a capuchin in a commercial advertising their Lilly Pulitzer collaboration in April 2015.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, in regards to HB 1551, which would weaken a law created to restrict primate ownership in April 2015.

Ben Stiller and the co-producers of his show "Big Time in Hollywood, FL", who filmed segments with a chimpanzee that aired in promotions in March 2015.

McDonald's Corporation, for using a live chimpanzee in a McDonald's France commercial in March 2015. *SUCCESS! McDonald's pulled their ad.

Exotic animal show advertising the appearance of "Mindy the monkey" in March 2015.

Hayden Panettiere, an actress who posed for photographs with a trained chimpanzee at an amusement park in February 2015.

The Kalamazoo Growlers, a summer baseball league who promoted a "monkey rodeo" event in May 2014.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in regards to the proposal to list all chimpanzees as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in August 2013.

The Council of Councils Working Group, to support its findings on the use of chimpanzees in NIH-supported research in January 2013.