NAPSA and our members are often quoted in the media in stories not just about primate sanctuaries, but about exotic pets, research, primates in entertainment, and primate welfare as a whole.

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NAPSA In The News

7/27/17 - Chimps Inc., Eugene Weekly

7/12/17 - Activists Protest Banana Derby Show at Northport Firemen's Fair, Newsday

7/6/17 - Life After the Lab, Isthmus

6/16/17 - Monkey Jockeys, Chasing News

6/15/17 - Controversy as Monkey Jockeys Race on Dogs, NBC New York

5/15/17 - Cowboy Monkey Rodeos: Authorities Recognize Animal Welfare Issues, York Dispatch

5/4/17 -   Is it Time for the Cowboy Monkey Rodeo to Go Extinct?, NPR

4/13/17 - Rescued Chimpanzees and Orangutans, Christian Science Monitor

9/27/16 - 30 Year Wait Over As International Community Rallies to Protect Monkey Species, Blue & Green Tomorrow

9/12/16 - Retired Lab Chimps Experience New Life at Project Chimps Sanctuary, Science World Report

9/10/16 - Endangered Chimps Retire from Medical Research and Get Fancy New Home, Mashable

8/12/16 - Beloved Blue Rocks Cowboy Monkey Rodeo Riles PETA, Delaware Online

6/1/16 -   Lars Larson Northwest Podcast 060116, The Lars Larson Show (8:18 mark)

6/1/16 -   Controversial Plan Would Send Lab Chimps to Unaccredited Zoo, National Geographic

5/31/16 -  Prosecutor: Cops to Probe Boy's Fall into Gorilla Pit, CNN Newsroom

5/31/16 -  Zoo Stands by Decision to Kill Gorilla Amid Activists' Outcry, Boston Herald

5/29/16 -  Cincinnati Zoo Mayhem, Hot Zone USA

5/16/16 -  Guest Blog: Will USFWS Give Promised Protections to Captive Chimpanzees?, NEAVS

5/10/16 - Steve Aoki & Adam Lambert: Chimp Problems!, TMZ Live

5/10/16 - Steve Aoki: Animal Rights Group Goes Apes*** - Chimps Don't Like Dress Up, TMZ

5/2016 -  Monkey Lobby: Love Monkeys from Afar, GQ 

3/17/16 - From Heartache to Heartwaming Friendship: The Story Behind the Adorable Handholding Chimps, One Green Planet

3/2/16 -   Animal Rights Group Asks Justin Bieber Not to Get Another Pet Monkey, Care2

2/22/16 -  Remonkeyed, TMZ Live

2/19/16 -  Justin Bieber: Monkey Controversy, TMZ Live

2/19/16 -  Justin Bieber is slammed by animal rights for monkey adoption plans, Daily Star

2/19/16 -  Justin Bieber Is Threatening to Get Another Monkey, Marie Claire

2/19/16 -  Animal Rights Group on Justin Bieber’s Plan to Get New Monkey... Yahoo Music

2/19/16 -  Justin Bieber's plans to adopt another monkey is slammed as 'foolish'..., Daily Mail

2/19/16 -  Animal-Rights Group Begs Justin Bieber Not to Get Another Monkey, Vanity Fair

2/19/16 -  'Foolish' Justin Bieber Really Wants Another Monkey, Huffington Post

2/19/16 -  Animal rights group urges Justin Bieber not to get another pet monkey..., New York Daily News

2/19/16 -  Justin Bieber's new monkey adoption plans dubbed 'foolish' by experts, The Sun

2/19/16 -   Justin Bieber: I'm Adopting Another Primate... Monkey Org Goes Ape, TMZ

1/25/16 -   Advocates Seek End to Captive Chimp's Isolation, Courthouse News Service

12/3/15 -   From Lost Monkey to Trending Twitter Star, WFAE 90.7

11/19/15 - N.I.H. to End Backing for Invasive Research on Chimps, New York Times

11/14/15 - Plan to Export Chimps Tests Law to Protect Species, New York Times

11/12/15 - Chimps Inc. Gearing Up For Civil War, My Central Oregon

11/2015 -  About Sanctuaries, AV Magazine 

10/27/15 - Animal-Rights Groups Implore Dez Bryant to Give Up the Monkey, Washington Post

10/26/15 - Dez Bryant: Ripped Over Supposed Pet Monkey, 'He Will Live to Regret It', TMZ

10/4/15 -   Hundreds of Baboons to be Relocated from OU Facility, The Norman Transcript

9/10/15 -   Adult Rhesus Monkey Captured in Eastern Kentucky, Reuters

8/14/15 -   Urgent Action Needed to Help Primates Suffering in Labs Across the U.S., One Green Planet

8/2/15 -     Erika Fleury: Jungle Friends' Jersey Shows Negative Consequences of Primate Ownership, The Gainesville Sun

7/26/15 -   Chimpanzees Should Not Be Pets, Bend Bulletin

6/18/15 -   Animal Rights Groups: Lab Monkeys Deserve Same Treatment Laws as Chimpanzees, CBS DC

6/18/15 -   Monkeys Used in Medical Research 'Kept in Neglectful Conditions,' Say Activists, The Guardian

6/13/15 -   U.S. Limits Testing on Captive Chimpanzees, CNN International

6/13/15 -   U.S. Tags All Chimpanzees as Endangered, TechTimes

6/12/15 -   Federal Agency Designates All Chimpanzees as Endangered, The New York Times

6/2/15 -     Leaders Express Outrage over NY Blood Center's Decision to Abandon Lab Chimps, Their Turn

5/16/15 -   It's Super Sad How Lab Monkeys Are Treated, RYOT

5/15/15 -   Petition Seeks Better Treatment of Monkeys, The New York Times

4/23/15 -   Judge Orders Stony Brook University to Justify Chimp Captivity, The Statesman

1/25/15 -    Anthropomorphism Evolves in New York Courts, but Chimps Denied Habeas Corpus,

12/28/14 - Legal Personhood for Apes, Huffington Post

12/1/14 -   2014 NAPSA Workshop, Primate Rescue Center's Reaching Out

9/26/14 -   America's Chimp Problem, Slate

9/23/24 -   Chimpanzees Raised as Pets or Performers Suffer Long-term Effects on their Behavior, Biology News Net

9/12/14 -   Boom in Retiring Lab Chimpanzees Fills New Sanctuaries with Apes, National Geographic

7/23/14 -   Allegations of Animal Mistreatment Prompt PETA to File Complaints Against Princeton, The Daily Princetonian

7/21/14 -   Kentucky Bill Would Let Service Monkeys Help Paralyzed People, Fox News

6/15/14 -  Happy Father's Day to These Amazing Primate Dads, One Green Planet

6/6/14 -    Kalamazoo Growlers 'Cowboy Monkey Rodeo' Promotion Draws Protests from Primate Advocacy Group, Kalamazoo Gazette

6/3/14 -    Rulemaking Petition Puts Primates First, Global Animal

5/9/14 -     Former Captive Primates Rediscover the Joys of Motherhood, One Green Planet

5/8/14 -     Animal Advocates Stand Up for Primates! Groups Petition USDA for Better Regulation in Laboratories, One Green Planet

1/17/14 -   Monkey Legislation Draws Ire of Jessamine Primate Expert, The Jessamine Journal

12/3/13 -   Unprecedented Habeas Corpus Motion Filed on Behalf of Caged Chimps, The Gothamist

12/3/13 -   This Man Was Shocked When His Chimpanzee Sued Him, The Daily Beast

12/2/13 -   Rights Group is Seeking Status of 'Legal Person' for Captive Chimpanzee, The New York Times

12/2/13 -   In Novel Suit, Chimpanzee Asks for Habeas Corpus, The Wall Street Journal

9/4/13 -     Chimp-Painted Art is Expressive, Even When Painted by Tongue, LiveScience

8/26/13 -   U.S. to Begin Retiring Most Research Chimps, The New York Times

8/27/13 -   PETA: "Notorius Chimpanzee Exhibitor" Busted in Hernando County, Hernando Today

8/13/13 -   Art Created by Chimps Featured in Contest to Benefit Sanctuaries, The Humane Society of the United States

7/8/13 -     Unlikely Partners, Freeing Chimps from the Lab, The New York Times

9/27/12 -   Group: Send All Ex-Research Chimps to Sanctuary, Associated Press


NAPSA Members In The News

7/19/19 - 'The Fund for Animals' Looks for Summer Volunteers, Fox51

7/14/17 - Many Animals Recently Rescued in Georgia Enter Black Beauty Ranch, Athens Daily Review

6/12/17 - Research on Lab Chimps is Over. Why Have So Few Been Retired to Sanctuaries?, Science

6/3/17 - Monkey Business? Activists Suspicious of Candy the Chimp's Death, Intend to Continue Lawsuit, The Advocate

6/1/17 - Retired Monkeys Step Outside for the First Time After Spending Their Entire Lives in a Lab, One Green Planet

4/22/17 - Kentucky Life, Kentucky Educational Television

4/18/17 - Primate Rescue Center Plans To Use Donations To Help Chimp With Diabetes, Lex18

3/18/17 - Discover the Residents of Chimp Haven this Spring, Shreveport Times

3/9/17 - Retired Lab Monkeys Get Room to Move, The Gainesville Sun

2/17/17 - An Infused Tequila is Taking Bourbon County by Storm, Courier-Journal

2/17/17 - Chimps Inc.'s 'Great Ape Cook-Off', KTVZ

2/2/17 - Animals Pick SuperBowl 51 Winner, KTVZ

2/3/17 - Chimps of Nicholasville's Primate Center Make Their 2017 Super Bowl Pick, Lex18

1/18/17 - Anonymous Donor Gives Jungle Friends Grant, WCJB TV

1/18/17 - 300 Former Research Chimps Will Be Getting the Royal Treatment at a Breathtaking New Sanctuary , Rachael Ray Show

1/12/17 - Monthly Tours at Black Beauty Ranch, Athens Daily Review

1/10/17 - Center for Great Apes Offers Classes, The Ledger

1/9/17 -  Meet Roxanne: A Monkey Rescued from Lab Testing, East Texas Matters

1/6/17 -  Former Ellensburg Chimps Meeting New Friends in Canada, Daily Record

12/28/16 - From Misery to Sanctuary: Photos Tell Chimps' Tale, Albuquerque Journal

12/13/16 - Chimp Haven Welcomes 10 New Chimpanzees, KTBS

12/6/16 -  Chimp Haven Mourns the Loss of Rita, ArkLaTex

11/24/16 - Rashida Jones Reveals She Was Attacked by Michael Jackson's Chimpanzee Bubbles, People

11/18/16 - Volunteers Needed at Chimps Inc. Animal Sanctuary in Bend,

11/15/16 - These Rescued Chimps Go Crazy For Gifts Every Year, The Dodo

10/26/16 - A Disturbing Dispute over Laboratory Chimpanzees' Retirement to Sanctuary at Chimp Haven, The Huffington Post

10/19/16 - You Gotta Troll With It..., The Daily Mail

10/11/16 - Jungle Friends Helps Ban Monkey Rodeos from Alachua County Fair, myCBS4

10/6/16 -  Unique Cle Elum Chimpanzee Sanctuary Works to Expand, KAPP

9/27/16 - Chimp Haven to Receive Over 300 Newly Retired Chimps, KTBS

9/26/16 - Jessamine County Animal Rescue Prepares for Influx of Lab Chimps, WKYT

9/24/16 - These Joyful Former Lab Chimps Just Can't Get Enough Watermelon, Huffington Post

9/22/16 - Sanctuaries Across US Prepare for Influx of Lab Chimps, ABC News

9/15/16 - Where Seven Chimps are Living Out Their Post-Lab Days, PBS NewsHour

8/31/16 - This Sanctuary Helps Former Lab Chimps Live the Good Life,

8/11/16 - Chimps Transferred to Louisiana Sanctuary, Albuquerque Journal

8/5/16 -  Monkey Clings to Best Friend After He Comes Back from Hospital, The Dodo

7/29/16 - Chimpanzee Sanctuaries Open Door to More Research, Science

7/20/16 - Coming Together for Chimpanzees, Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine

7/3/16 -   Brush Fire that Prompted Evacuation of Chimp Sanctuary Contained Near Cle Elum, KOMO News

6/9/16 -   Local Primate Experts Weigh In on Controversy Surrounding Gorilla's Death, Jessamine Journal

5/25/16 -  Petition Launched to Free Chimpanzee Living in Baton Rouge Amusement Park, The Advertiser

5/25/16 -  19 New Chimpanzees Arrive at Chimp Haven, KSLA

5/4/16 -    Newly Retired Chimpanzees Will Find Safe Haven at Chimp Haven, Shreveport Times

5/3/16 -    Chimp Haven Opens New Welcoming Center, Shreveport Times

4/28/16 -   Chimp Haven to Dedicate New Chimpanzee Welcoming Center, News Radio 710 KEEL

4/25/16 -   Monkey Kept Alone in Garage Was So Depressed He Kept Hurting Himself, The Dodo

4/22/16 -  Chimps Still Ill and Dying in Labs Long After NIH Retirement Decision, Slate

4/15/16 -  Chimp Haven's Spring Fling, KSLA

4/12/16 -  Rescue Dogs and Rescue Monkeys Help Care for Each Other at Incredible Primate Sanctuary, BarkPost 

4/4/16 -    Free Candy: Louisiana Chimpanzee is Center of Landmark Lawsuit, The Guardian

4/1/16 -     Chimp Sanctuary Northwest to Expand, Daily Record

3/22/16 -  Grant Helps Move Lab Chimps to Forever Home, Albuquerque Journal

3/10/16 -   Abandoned Toothless Monkey Gets a Cozy New Home - and a Girlfriend, The Dodo

2/26/16 -   NIH Vowed to Move Its Research Chimps from Labs, But Only 7 Got Safe Haven in 2015, Washington Post

2/25/16 -   Local Equine Center Aids in Large Horse Rescue Project, Athens Daily Review

2/25/16 -    Where Chimpanzees Go to Retire, Great Big Story

2/24/16 -   County Fairground's Animal Act Restriction Postponed, Includes Ban on Non-human Primates, WUFT

2/23/16 -   Monkey Service Animal Bill Being Reconsidered, The Daily Reveille

2/13/16 -   Owners Say Moving Candy the Chimpanzee from Dixie Landin' Could Harm her Heath, but Animal Rights Activists Disagree, The Advocate

2/9/16 -      Bubbles Surfaces in Florida..., Daily Mail

2/9/16 -      Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Offered $25,000 Matching Grant, WCJB TV-20

2/5/16 -      How Chimpanzees Can Teach Us All to Be More Human, One Green Planet 

2/2/16 -      Michael Jackson's Pet Chimp, Bubbles, is Living Out his Twilight Years in Florida, Miami New Times

1/19/16 -    Doing What Light Does, Psychology Today

1/16/16 -    Life Lessons from my Simian Friend, Toronto Star Touch

1/13/16 -    Orangutan Rescued From Cruel Life in Entertainment ...Taking a Bath, One Green Planet

1/4/16 -      Unforgotten: Animals Rescued from Research, NEAVS and Jo-Anne McArthur

12/15/15 -  Will Elderly Chimps 'Retire in Place' with MD Anderson?, Houston Chronicle

12/14/15 -  Happy Monkey Day: Celebrating our Closest Relatives in the Animal Kingdom, HNGN

12/8/15 -    Chimp Finds Comfort in Troll Dolls After Years of Being a Research Animal, ABC News

12/2/15 -    Activists Sound Alarm on Transfer of Chimps to the U.K., Courthouse News Service

12/1/15 -    Chimp Haven to Expand as Federal Chimpanzee Research Program Closes, KTBS

11/30/15 -  CARA's Fundraiser for Canada's Only Chimpanzee Sanctuary, The Concordian

11/30/15 -  FWS Sued by NEAVS et al. Over Permit to Yerkes Research Center to Ship Chimpanzees Overseas to Unaccredited Zoo, PR Newswire

11/27/15 -  Civil War Fundraiser at Chimps Inc, KTVZ

11/23/15 -  Pictures Show Foxie the Former Laboratory Chimp Mothering Troll Dolls..., The Daily News

11/20/15 -  NIH Promises to Retire all Research Chimps, CNN

11/19/15 -  Former Lab Chimp Whose Babies Were Torn From Her Bonds With Troll Dolls, Huffington Post

11/18/15 -  Chimp With Darkest Past Takes Comfort in Tiny Troll Doll, The Dodo

11/17/15 -  Lawsuit Filed to Free Chimpanzee, Shreveport Times

11/16/15 - Chimp Haven's Oldest Chimpanzee Dies at Age 61, KTBS

11/10/15 - Chimp Haven Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Gala, Shreveport Times

11/5/15 -   Chimp Haven Prepares for Next Expansion of National Sanctuary, Red River Radio

11/4/15 -   Yerkes to Donate Chimpanzees to Unaccredited Park in England, The Emory Wheel

11/4/15 -   94WIP Finds Safe Willing Home fro Dez Bryant's Monkey, CBSPhilly

11/1/15 -   Sanctuary Spotlight: Center for Great Apes, Iam Somerhalder Foundation

10/29/15 - Tattooed Monkey Finds Peace After a Lifetime of Suffering, The Dodo

10/28/15 - Mystery Monkey Brought to Primate Rescue Center Gets a Name - 'Andi', Jessamine Journal

10/21/15 - Girl Scouts Can Earn a Badge Learning All About Chimpanzees..., ArkLaTex

9/28/15 -   Monkey Didn't Play Well with Others; Sent to Florida, La Jolla Patch

9/16/15 -   Bath Co. Monkey Settling In To New Home, Lex18

9/12/15 -   Chimpanzees Deemed Endangered by U.S. - What's It Mean?, National Geographic

9/9/15 -     Fish & Wildlife Officials Capture Furry Fugitive in Bath County, WKYT

8/31/15 -   10 Animal Sanctuaries Around the World Worth Supporting, The Mindful Explorer

8/26/15 -   UK Grad Runs Shelter for Rescued Apes, Kentucky Kernel

8/2015 -    Why So Many Women Founders? Because We Can!, New England Anti-Vivisection Society

8/5/15 -     Chimpanzee Sanctuary Tours Open to the Public this Summer, Daily Record

8/5/15 -     Amazing Women of the Suncoast: Patti Ragan, Sarasota News

8/4/15 -     Room for More Chimps at Chimp Haven, The Times

7/30/15 -   Ape Sanctuary Holding 'Apeology' Classes, Highlands Today

7/27/15 -   Interns Get an Education from Chimps, Western Today

7/23/15 -   Chimps Inc Welcomes Kids, KTVZ

7/11/15 -   Chimps Inc Hosts Hootenanny, KTVZ

7/5/15 -     Chimpanzees: All Finally Listed as Endangered, Both Captive and Wild, Nature World News

7/3/15 -     The Ex-Lab Chimps in San Antonio Deserve a Break, Houston Press

6/24/25 -   Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest Preparing for Summer Visits, Kima TV

6/17/15 -   Have a Drink, Help a Primate, The Jessamine Journal

6/5/15 -     Chimpanzees Left to Starve in Retirement from Medical Research, CBC

6/5/15 -     As Hendry County Investigates, Debate Over Primate Breeding Facilities Continues, WHCU / NPR

5/26/15 -   Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest Allows Students to Continue Hands-On Chimp Interaction, The Observer

5/13/15 -   The Ugly Truth Behind This 'Cute' Video of Orangutan with Tiger Cubs, The Dodo

5/7/15 -     Safe Haven, WSVN

4/21/15 -  Chimpanzees Take a Huge Step Toward (Some) Legal Rights, Wired

4/20/15 -  Chimpanzee Experience Continues Long After Famous CWU Chimps Have Left, NBC Right Now

4/14/15 -  Mary Lee Jensvold, Sigma Xi

3/13/15 -  Chimp Who Spent 20 Years Suffering in Captivity Basks in the Sunshine at His Sanctuary Home, One Green Planet

3/12/15 -  The Nature of Things: Safe Haven for Chimps, CBC

3/11/15 -  Planet of the Apes, Reader's Digest (not currently available online)

3/9/15 -    A History of Chimps in Medical Research, CBC

2/28/15 -  Secretive Research Monkey Facilities Come Under Scrutiny in Florida, The Guardian

2/21/15 -  'Pirates of the Caribbean' Monkey Business Sparks Online Petition, The Wrap

2/7/15 -    Chimps Still Stuck in Research Labs Despite Promise of Retirement, CNN

2/6/15 -   A Gainesville Woman's Monkey Business, Independent Florida Alligator

1/13/15 -  Heard on Campus: Cathy Willis Spraetz, CEO of Chimp Haven, Penn State News

1/5/15 -    Another Court Denies Legal Rights for a Chimpanzee, Wired

1/1/15 -    Monkey See, Monkey Forced to Do, Friends of Animals ActionLine

9/4/14 -    Young Monkey Has New Home in Kentucky After Being Bought Illegally, WKYT

8/30/14 -  Vegas Chimp Having Fun in Retirement, Las Vegas Review-Journal

8/30/14 -  Retired Research Chimps Are Really Enjoying Their New Home, Huffington Post

8/29/14 -  One Monkey's Journey from Life in a Cage to Freedom at a Texas Sanctuary, One Green Planet

8/27/14 -  An Unexpected Nonprofit Fundraising Story, CommunityOrganizer2.0

8/13/14 - Tumalo Chimps Undergo EKGs, KTVZ

7/15/14 -  When Chimpanzees Leave Research Labs, They Often Find a Home at Chimp Haven, Mother Nature Network

7/2/14 -    All 110 New Iberia Research Center Chimpanzees Arrive at Chimp Haven, ArkLaTex

1/21/14 -  Kentucky Debates Use of 'Service Monkeys' for Disabled Residents, RT

12/16/13 -10 Primate Sanctuaries That Need Your Support, One Green Planet

11/7/13 -  Center for Great Apes, The Hawkeye

11/6/13 -  10 Amazing Wild Animal Sanctuaries You Should Support, One Green Planet

11/4/13 -  Northwest Wanderings: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, The Seattle Times

10/11/13 - World's First 'Talking' Chimps Find Sanctuary Near Montreal, CBC

10/4/13 -  Chimp Haven, Time for Kids

10/4/13 -  Monkeys from Las Vegas Zoo Headed to Primate Rescue Center, The Jessamine Journal

9/23/13 -  More Chimps Might Move to Primate Sanctuary in Jessamine County, Lexington Herald-Leader

8/24/13 -  Harvard Medical School Plans to Close Primate Research Lab, New York Times

8/29/13 -  Louisiana Chimpanzee Wins 1st Prize in Art Contest, Associated Press

6/20/13 -  Legends Cancel Comedy Act Featuring Monkeys on Sheep-Herding Dogs, Lexington Herald-Leader

6/19/13 -  Volunteer at a Chimpanzee Sanctuary, The Humane Society of the United States

6/13/13 -  Chimpanzee Sanctuary Celebrates Five Years, Daily Record

5/22/13 -  Derby Couple Helping to Treat Diabetic Monkeys, BBC

4/25/13 -  The Center for Great Apes, a Forever Home, Florida Currents

3/7/13 -    Retired Lab Chimps See the Sky for the First Time, HLN

2/20/13 - Research Chimpanzees Savor Retirement at Chimp Haven Sanctuary in Louisiana, Huffington Post

2/10/13 -  After Lab, What's Next for Chimps?, Lexington Herald-Leader

2/4/13 -    Monkey Attacks Around The World, Travelers Today

1/23/13 -  NIH Lab Retirees arrive at Chimp Haven in Louisiana, CBS

12/18/12 - Research Chimps Get Permanent Retirement Home, NPR

11/20/12 - Fauna Sanctuary: A Quebec Haven for Chimps, Montreal Gazette

10/10/12 - Fire at the Sanctuary of the Apes, Seattle Met

8/15/12 -   Chimpanzee Sanctuary Just Barely Survives Kittitas Wildfire, KUOW / NPR

8/14/12 -   Wildfire Spooks Chimps at Washington Sanctuary, Associated Press

7/10/12 -   Among the Animals: Chimps Find Sanctuary from Experiments, City Living Seattle

5/10/12 -   Chimpanzee Testing: Is It the Beginning of the End?, PBS Newshour

5/4/12 -     'Chimp Cam' Captures Funny Business at Chimpanzee Sanctuary, K5

4/2012 -   The Fauna Foundations' Chimp Sanctuary, Canadian Geographic

2/2012 -   We Are Family: Diana Goodrich Introduces Us to the Residents of Chimpanzee Sanctuary NorthwestAnimal Voices

10/19/11 - Exotic Animals Released in Zanesville, Ohio, USA Today

9/24/11 -  Jessamine Primate Group Tells Cameron Crowe to Stop Using Monkeys in Films, Lexington Herald-Leader

5/2011 -   Saving the Great Apes, Ivanhoe

4/22/11 -  Authorities Confiscate Frankfort Woman's Pet Monkey, Lexington Herald-Leader

2/6/11 -    How 'Chimpus Commercialus' Went from Ad Star to Endangered Species, Ad Age

2011 -      Featured Building & Architecture Case Study: Center for Great Apes, American Galvanizers Association

3/6/10 -    Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, KUOW

11/14/11 - A Second Life for Retired Lab Chimps, Wired

11/13/09 - Why is this Chimp Smiling?, Seattle Met

4/5/09 -     People Who Own Chimps Rethink Choice of Pet, USA Today

10/16/08 - Saving Chimpanzees, ABC News

8/25/08 -   Who are the Cle Elum Seven?, The Seattle Times

8/5/08 -     Interview: Gloria Grow, PBS

7/2/08 -     Trial Separation: After Decades of Medical Research, Seven Local Chimps Head West for Retirement, Philadelphia Weekly