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NAPSA Urges USDA to Re-Post Inspection Reports

February 6, 2017. NAPSA disagrees with the decision of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to suddenly make unavailable its inspection reports of licensed animal care facilities. The decision of the USDA to remove public access to its inspection reports has a negative impact on the welfare of animals. Read the full story

Welcome Project Chimps

July 25, 2016. NAPSA is excited to announce a new member sanctuary. Project Chimps is a 236-acre sanctuary nestled among the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia. The organization was founded in late 2014 by a “super group” of chimpanzee, nonprofit, philanthropic, and legal experts to solve the critical question of what would happen to the hundreds of chimps still left in private biomedical research. After months of negotiations with the University of Louisiana’s New Iberia Research Center, Project Chimps secured the agreement to permanently retire all of their chimpanzees. This innovative facility will soon provide quality care, nutrition, and enrichment for over 250 chimpanzee residents in need. Project Chimps is joining NAPSA as an Introductory Member.

Victory! NIH to End Research, Retire All Federally Owned Lab Chimps

November 19, 2015. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that it would end its support for invasive research on chimpanzees and retire to sanctuaries the 50 chimps that it had set aside for future biomedical research.The decision brings to a close years of controversy about federally funded primate experimentation, and follows a 2013 decision by the NIH to retire all but 50 of its chimpanzees to animal sanctuaries.“We find no evidence that there is a need to continue to do research of an invasive sort on chimpanzees, not now and not going into the future,” Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, said. Click here for NAPSA's statement on this historic announcement, and read a New York Times article featuring comments from NAPSA's Program Manager, a member sanctuary, and members of our Steering Committee.

Victory! USFWS Announces All Chimpanzees Listed as Endangered Under ESA

June 12, 2015. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced an end to the split-listing of captive and wild born chimpanzees under the Endangered Species Act. All chimpanzees will now be considered endangered. Read FAQs for more information on exactly what this will mean, and see NAPSA's inclusion in a New York Times article and CNN interview on the topic. Click here for NAPSA's statement on this important announcement.

NAPSA Announces Hire of Program Manager 

December 8, 2014. NAPSA is pleased to announce the appointment of their new Program Manager, Erika Fleury.  Click here for the full announcement.

NAPSA Statement on the Nonhuman Rights Project 

December 2, 2013. NAPSA is not a party to the suit filed today in New York State by the Nonhuman Rights Project. We did submit an expert affidavit that was filed with the suit, reviewing our willingness to place any captive chimpanzees in need of sanctuary. Read the full story

President Obama signs important bill for chimpanzee sanctuary funding

November 27, 2013. The President signed Senate Bill 252 today, clearing a roadblock to funding sanctuary retirement for federally owned chimpanzees. Click here for the full story. 

NAPSA assists in rescuing the last residents of the Las Vegas Zoo

October 2, 2013. The final 5 residents of the troubled Las Vegas Zoo left today, on the road to permanent sanctuary with NAPSA members. Click here for the full story. 


NIH announces it will retire a majority of chimpanzees

NAPSA Training Workshop 2013

USFWS moves to list all chimpanzees as endangered

Victory! NIH sending all chimpanzees from New Iberia Research Center to NAPSA member Chimp Haven

NAPSA calls on the NIH to reconsider moving 100 chimpanzees to a non-sanctuary

NAPSA comments on Fish and Wildlife Service's 90 Day Finding on the listing chimpanzees as endangered 

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